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Friday, July 20, 2012

Purposeful Repurposing

I've written previously about how we are big fans of recycling, terracycling, cloth diapering, and doing other earth-friendly things.  I don't know about you, but there is something to be said about working with what you have, or trying to spin those creative wheels to create a new purpose for something old.  With that same frame of mind, I thought I would share some repurposing and craft projects I've worked on recently.


Cross Stitch Fabric + Frame = Earring Holder Display

Glass Sugar Packet Holders = Bathroom Drawer Organizers
(Bobby pins, Chapstick, Lipstick, Contacts, Floss...)

Empty Medicine Bottles = Button & Notion Container

Empty Oatmeal Canister + Paper + Glue = Storage Bucket for Writing Utensils & Scissors


This is one of my new obsessions.  If it didn't add so many letters, I'd consider adding Con-Tact as my hyphenated middle name.  Check out these cool storage containers in the kitchen... (oh, and 50 points to whoever spots my spelling mistake!)
Poptart® Box + Con-Tact® Paper = Plastic Baggy Organizers

Granola Bar Box + Con-Tact® Paper = Kitchen Utensil Organizer

Using this new obsession, I was able to fix an issue I had with our changing table/dresser.  My sister, Heidi, had given us her crib and changing table for Quincy since her little guy had outgrown them, and they've been great!  Unfortunately, the top drawer to the changing table started getting stuck in the track, and we had to take off the front panel and use it as a shelf instead of a drawer.  All the clothing started to slide around, and it was hard to keep it from looking really cluttered.  By repurposing some disposable diaper boxes I got from a friend, we now have three great storage bins that slide in and out easily, and keep Quincy's clothes organized, all while getting rid of the clutter!

Diaper Box + Con-Tact® Paper = Storage Bins for the Changing Table/Dresser


I never really took much notice of wreaths before we got our house, but now they have become a hobby.  (You can see another wreath here that I shared recently).

H-G Book Page Wreath

I took an old book, though I couldn't part with any from our bookshelf, so I opted to buy one from Goodwill for a dollar - big spender, I know.  I gathered a few other items, and set to work!

Supplies: Wooden Star for back support, "H" and "G" Letters, Old Book,
Box Cutter, Spray Paint; Also Clear Tape, Hot Glue, Yarn or Ribbon.

Directions: Cut out the pages, fold in half, tape in rolled shape,
hot glue to base (I did two layers), cover cardboard rectangle
for a platform to support letter(s), and glue to rolled pages.

Letters: I found these letters at the craft store and unscrewed the hooks
that came with them, spray painted, waited for them to dry, and then
sanded the spray paint to give a more rustic look (the "H" has been sanded
in the photo, while the "G" hasn't - see the difference?)

Add a ribbon or yarn to the back, and you're good to go!

Got any cool ideas for repurposing?  Or new ways to recycle?  I'd love to hear about them!


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