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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey Friends, Let's Share!

A while back, I mentioned that I have crafting urges from time to time, and am especially a fan of yarn and yarn related projects.  Instead of typing tons of words to tell you all about why I love making things, I thought I'd just share some photos of some of my recent projects, in no particular order...

Bow Tie Bunny - Notre Dame Colors {For Baby B.}
Giraffe & Bow Tie Bunny - Mustard Yellow & Medium Blue {For Baby I.}

Guess How Much I Love You Bunny {For Baby F.}

Ladybug Slippers & Newsie Hat {For Baby F.}

Sailboat Beanie Hat {For Quincy}

Crocheted Blooms (my pattern found here)
Mrs. Giraffe {For Baby K.}
Mr. & Mrs. Giraffe {For Baby K.}
Momma Slippers {for Momma N.}

Spring/Summer Wreath {For the H-G Front Door}

Teal & Grey Giraffe {For Baby L.}

I need to point out that I only made the circles for these pillows on this next project.  My friend, Kristin, made these beautiful pillow covers and wanted to add a few crocheted circles for a splash of color.  Didn't they turn out great?!

Crocheted Circles for Pillows
Great layout & design, Kristin!

Special thanks to my friend, Megan, for working on these sewing projects with me... (I love Meg/Mag Time!)

Baby Shoes {For Baby K.}

Two Yards of Fabric, plus...
One Old Shirt Pulled from the Goodwill Pile, equals...
A New Summer Dress with Matching Sash! (tutorial here)

This next project I have to explain a little bit (obviously, if you've already peeked ahead at the pictures!)  I had seen a pattern of a bearded beanie for children on Pinterest, and purchased it through Etsy (find the pattern here).  I had intended to make one for Quincy, because - let's face it - it'd be adorable.  Well, it turned out to be huge.  So I put it on, and took a few photos.  Don't I make a manly lumberjack?!

Excited Lumberjack Maggie

Happy Lumberjack Maggie

Pensive Lumberjack Maggie

Now, my question for you is: Got anything you're working on?  This doesn't have to be limited to yarn and fabric.  Do you do wood-working, glass-blowing, or design your own lampshades?  Share in the comments below!  I (and the few dozen followers of this Life, Hyphenated blog) would love to hear about it!

May your life be filled with creativity,



  1. LOTS of little projects for the nursery! I've been making stuff for baby Knap's photo shoots too. :)
    I love the beard hat... cracked me up! You definitely need to make one for Quincy!! I used your flower pattern for headbands I gave to a coworker. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You've been super busy, Jamie! I love how everything looks in your nursery :) And yes, definitely need to make a bearded had for Quincy; it'd be AWESOME.