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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's Get Physical!

Let's face it, ladies.  After having a baby, your body is less than ideal.  At least in my situation, I still looked six months pregnant after giving birth, and it took a while until I could fit back into normal clothing again (and even now things are still... different).  Despite my jeans fitting without too much discomfort, things just aren't quite the same as before.

But, don't let yourself be discouraged!  Remember, you had nearly ten months for your body to stretch and bend to stash a little baby inside, so you should get at least that time to reacquaint yourself with your new body!  And boy do I have an exercise program for you!  Whether you're a new mom, veteran mom, dad looking to get in better shape, or just someone who wants a healthy workout, stay tuned!

This revolutionary workout was developed while sleep deprived and wishing my body would look exactly the same as when I was in college.  So obviously, it's very faulty and was aimed at unrealistic expectations.  But let's be honest, isn't that what most workout plans do?  While in the never-ending state of dark circles and prayers for a sleeping infant, I created these exercises you can do with your baby.  Don't have a baby?  Use a bag of flour or sugar, or strap down your favorite stuffed animal with a few hand weights.

My Baby Weight


In our household, there are always burp cloths scattered around the living room, kitchen, dining room... pretty much within a few feet of wherever you may be standing.

Simply extend one foot in front of you, bend your knee down into a lunge, scoop up the cloth, and return to a standing position.  It works best while holding your weights (such as your baby), to increase the difficulty of the move.

Extend to Standing

That familiar juicy burp that turns into a damp shoulder and a puddle on the floor has taught us to always have one (or twelve) on hand.  I use these displaced cloths as a motivational piece, both to build in some much need exercise to my day, and also tidy up the house.


The Airplane is a classic infant/mommy game, though take caution if your baby has just eaten, as the probability of spit-up bombs dropping from the planes increases the closer the airplane is flown to a completed feeding time.  Also, this should not be done with babies whose neck muscles are not yet developed.

Leg Tucks: Lay down on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  Place the baby on your shins by straddling their legs around your legs and either hold them at their hands or under their armpits for support.  Slide your legs toward your chest, and then back out.  Be sure to keep your legs parallel to the floor to keep baby in a similar placement throughout the movement.
90 Degree Legs

Arm Presses: Lay down on your back with your legs bent at the knees and your feet planted on the floor.  While holding your baby parallel to your chest, lift them up and down by extending your arms up into the air, and then bring the baby back down to your chest.



This move is horrible for your back, but it seems to be a favorite of Quincy's.

Momma Swing in Action!
 Begin with your weight cradled in your hands; baby's legs will straddle your right hand (you kinda clutch their bottom), and your left hand will cradle their neck/head.  Bend slightly at the waist, look down at your baby, and extend your arms out to the right.  In an arc like motion, dip the baby down and back up to the left, then swing back in the same arc path to the right.
and ...


This has been a go-to technique for a slightly fussy baby, though it hasn't helped with a hungry, really fussy or exhausted baby.

Baby Pull-Up in Action!
Using the down position of the Momma Swing, pull your weight from the extended position (baby near the floor) up close to your face by bending at the elbows.

Down/Extended Position
Up/Contracted Position


I have no medical backing or training to know what is good for one's body or overall health.  Please do these exercises with great caution and exercise at your own risk.  This post is clearly for entertainment purposes only, though seeking ways of getting exercise while going about your daily routine can be helpful, as long as you are healthy enough for exercise and don't do anything foolish.  Moving a baby too quickly and jostling their heads without their necks fully supporting the movement can lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Also, all movements should be accompanied with ridiculous noises from the parent such as "HUH!", "BOO!", or "YAH!" to increase baby's enjoyment.

Keep up the good work!


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