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We've Moved!
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Box of Blooms

Did you receive a package in the mail with a curious card tucked inside?

You may be wondering, What is this?  Why was this sent to me?  Well, you are holding this curious box in your hands because someone out there LOVES YOU, and wants to make sure you know that you are loved. 

I first  began making these boxes as a way to tell some very important people in my life that they were not forgotten, but instead greatly appreciated, loved, and remembered.  Whether it be in the wake of tragedy, celebrating a joyous occasion, or just saying hey, a Box of Blooms can go a long way in making someone know they are loved.

Each Box of Blooms is uniquely handcrafted: The note is slowly typed out on my late grandfather's typewriter made in 1941; the box is made from repurposed greeting cards, or check boxes, or other quaint boxes that have been brought back to life,  repurposed and re-designed just for you.

And, cradling said note, is a bed of crocheted flowers, each bloom a reminder that someone out there is thinking of you.

Want to send a friend or loved one a Box of Blooms?  Check out Tugboat Yarning’s Etsy shop here!  You can submit the message you wish to include, select the yarn hues for the flowers, and ask for other added features that may make your Box of Blooms particularly special for the receiver.

If you've held a Box of Blooms in your hands, pulled off the lid, and gazed inside, I hope it warmed your heart and made you realize just how wonderful and amazing you are.

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