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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Call It Nesting, I Call It Pregnancy Induced Crafting

I had a previous post about what us Cool Kids have been up to, but it seems my coolness may be enhanced in pregnancy.  There is a common occurrence among the Preggers called Nesting, which refers to avid cleaning, organizing and making various preparations for the baby to come.  Since our house seems to be in general chaos due to some water damage we had about a month ago, the Cleaning and Organizing Nesting Syndrome has not colonized in my system as of yet.  However, it has inspired some cool projects to keep my hands busy.

Who needs nests when you've got birds in trees?  Thanks to my friend Megan, and an idea that originally came from Pinterest (see it here), we have some cool art for the bathroom.

Bird Art (up close)

Bird Art (on their home wall)

In other wall art, check these beauties out.  I've had a lot of people asking, How's the nursery coming?  Did you paint?  Do you have a theme?  The last question left me puzzled at first, thinking I didn't want to be tied down by a genre when it came to clothing, bedding, and the look of the baby's room.  Well, turns out we really like animals, and Baby H-G better like animals or we're out of luck.  Below is the felt and chalk animal frames that are now in Baby H-G's animally themed room.  And yes, I made them all sleepy looking; it's part of my brain-washing program that will result in Baby H-G being the world's best sleeping infant.

Sea (Sleeping) Adventure

The Wise (Sleeping) Owl

And because I have to mention yarn, check out these slick Newsies Hats (you can find the pattern for free here).  Baby H-G is going to come home quite the stylish little man.  Who knows?  Maybe with this chic new look, printed newspapers will replace the ever-growing popularity of online news articles.  Who wouldn't want to buy newspapers from diaper-clad studs in these hats?  Luckily, I've made some girl colored ones in case he picks up any cuties in the nursery, while he's making his rounds selling the daily paper.

Am I really posting this at one in the morning?  Yes, yes I am.  It seems that Pregnancy Induced Crafting also has a side effect of insomnia.

Goodnight All,


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