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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Proof Is In the Pickles

So friends, I'm here to tell you the big news.  That is, I am here to confirm what was rumored to have been the case on Facebook (you know how those things spread...)  Though there may have been partial evidence shown before of a "possible pregnancy" (two pregnancy tests, ultrasound, large growth in abdomen, etc.), none were able to fully confirm the pregnancy... until now.

While wondering the aisles of the grocery store, I happened across a large display of pickles - sweet, dill, relish, hamburger size, etc. - when I found this deep voice in my head screaming, "MUST EAT PICKLES!"  Not knowing what to do, I grabbed a jar off the shelf, quickly finished my shopping and darted to the check-out lane.  Once home, I stuffed everything haphazardly in the fridge and grimaced as I wrenched open the jar of pickles.

My Very First Jar of Pickles (yes, I have already eaten half of them)
Now, I must preface this tale with a very important fact: I don't actually like pickles.  I always enjoyed the scent of pickles, but once I tried to taste them, the flavor was much too powerful.  I am the one at the deli shop that asks not to get a pickle on the side of my sandwich (lest the juice may interfere with my sandwich's deliciousness), or otherwise beg those at my table to take it off my hands.  So this indeed is fascinating proof that I am pregnant.

Strangely enough, a friendly neighbor must have sensed this over-powering need of mine to consume pickles.  Appearing on my doorstep, she presented me with a jar of Homemade Bread & Butter Pickles.  Is this not fate?

Neighbor Friend's Homemade B&B Pickles
So, I'm glad that the pregnancy is in fact confirmed.  Wasn't quite sure for a while there...

How about you out there - ever been surprised by your own strange cravings?  Were you always a fan of pickles or have they been an arch nemesis from the beginning?  Tell us your tales...


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  1. haha Maggie You crack me up! Hope things are going well for you...I must say that with Ezekiel I wanted Olives and i bought a jar of them each week! Now... I can't stand them! HAHA