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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Perks of Having a Pregnant Wife Part 1: "Aren't you just CRAVING sea urchin and french fries?"

It is hard justifying going to the brewery on the grounds of pregnancy ("They do have great artichoke dip there..."), but at times pregnancy can favor the gustatory life of a father-to-be. I admit to encouraging (read: planting) certain aversions and cravings. Fewer PB&J sandwiches and more restaurant menus....

You ask for evidence, do you?

Snack time: "How about warm cider donuts downtown?"

Dinner Option #1: "Kraft M&C in our new dining room sounds nice, but pregnant women need fresh air (and gourmet mac & cheese with chorizo)."

Dinner Option #2: "I know you are tired and sick of cooking. How about steaks?"

Dinner Option #3: "You think pickles and ice cream is the perfect combination? Try sea urchin, caviar, fried egg, garlic aioli, and french fries!"

Dessert Time: "For proper development, the baby needs Crema Catalana and Flan with Caramel Seafoam."

So, the penultimate image deserves further attention. The second-best thing that Canada has ever offered us (the single-best being Rick Moranis, clearly) is poutine. Strictly speaking, the dish involves french fries, cheese curds, and gravy, but up-and-coming restaurants have recently been embracing the idea of combining indulgent french fries with more decadent upscale ingredients. The poutine in question was found at one of our favorite new eateries: Brewery Vivant. We highly encourage you to go there, but you likely won't be able to enjoy this poutine as this was one of their frequent specialty one-and-done dishes.

Mothers - what were your strongest aversions and cravings?

Fathers - will you admit to using pregnancy to your advantage to eat out more?

Others - what is the best meal you've had at a restaurant in July?


  1. i don't know about any of those questions. I'm just happy that someone else on this planet admits to enjoying poutine. I try to describe it and get upturned noses from people who think they're above fat.

  2. Congratulations you guys!!! That's awesome. And, hey, I'll take any excuse to eat...that's pretty much the reason I'm going to run a marathon. I kid, but only kind of.

    Hope you guys are so happy! :)


  3. Personally, a nice Coke Slurpee usually hit the spot! (Not one of those second-rate Icees, but a true 7-11 Slurpee, thank you very much!)