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We've Moved!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bieber Fever?

Apparently, in H-G Time (and before you ask, yes we are petitioning that H-G Time become a standard time zone), the phrase "will write again soon" could mean tomorrow, a few decades, or some strange calculation in cat years.  In this case, it was a few weeks... so our apologies for the delay!

In those weeks, we have had a variety of family and friends in town from all parts - Germany, Oklahoma, Nashville, and locals, too - and those visits make you truly cherish time well spent with good food, great people and memories to last.  This last week I have caught myself thinking the cliché "wow, time has flown!" and yet - on the other cliché hand - time seems to slowly lumber by and we look forward to big events to come.  Philosophy aside, I shall come to my point:  I have found a particular song of Justin Bieber quite comforting these days, and I hope you do, too.  (Those of you unfamiliar with this youthful pop-icon, feel free to read more at his Wikipedia page here.)  

Mr. Bieber

Not someone you would catch me (dead) listening to, there is now a clever version you won't find on his next album (or any album for that matter).  One of his top hits has been slowed down by 800% and has now become a soothing ballad of sorts.  As the remastered 30-minute song is no longer available, be sure to listen to a portion of the stretched song on YouTube here.  As you listen to this once fast-paced radio topper, try to think of life slowed down.  I've heard it's nice if you have roses nearby.

In other news, the White T-Shirt Experiment continues on slowly.  We have seen what's called the Peekaboo Phenomenon as the abdomen begins to jut forth into the fabric of the shirt.  This will be followed closely by our team of researches, but you can see the evidence in weeks 14 and 15 below.  We have posed them in what is colloquially called a Belly-Off, which Week 15 obviously takes the cake (seeing how it appears an entire cake was consumed moments before the Belly-Off took place).

Week 14 (left)   vs.   Week 15 (right)
And to ensure an actual cake was not wedged under the White T-Shirt...

Week 14

Week 15
More adventures to come in this hyphenated life.  In the meantime, we'll be working on cat year calculations to decide the date of our next post.  Remember to slow down (800% is always preferable) and enjoy these times.


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  1. OMG Maggie, your baby bump is ADORABLE! You look great :) ~Charlie Ann