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Monday, October 15, 2012

Behind the Seams: Making The (Baby) Stig Costume

I've recently been posting about the H-G's love of Top Gear UK.  (Feel free to read part one, part two, and part three if you need to get caught up!)  Here's how I made the costume, though please take note: this is just a costume inspired by The Stig, but is in no way endorsed by Top Gear UK.

1. Start with an Adorable Baby:

I found the above baby at home, so there was no need to go out to the store to find one.  Convenient, right?

2.  Add White Pants, Socks, & Shoes:

Who says you have to buy a full costume, all put together from the store?  Well, actually that sounds a lot easier than finding or making the components.... uh.... well, what fun would that be?  Where's the challenge?!

White Pants & Shoes
Baby Stig Shoes

I lucked out and found these white pants and shoes at a Mom-to-Mom Sale recently, added some socks from the drawer, and the Baby Stig was half-way dressed!

3.  Have a Date Night with Heat'n Bond®, an Embroidering Sewing Machine, & an Iron

Using my new sewing machine, I embroidered a patch that read, "I AM THE BABY STIG" using black thread and white fabric.  If you do not have access to a sewing machine that can embroider, or don't want to pay someone to do it, you can always go the classic route of using HELLO MY NAME IS name tags and fill in the blank with Baby Stig/Stigette.

Shoulder Accent Pieces & Baby Stig Name Patch

Using scrap black fabric (I used leftovers from the wedding ties I made), and an amazing thing called Heat'n Bond, an iron on adhesive, I made and attached shoulder accent pieces to a white sweatshirt I bought online.

I used additional Heat'n Bond to attach the name patch, then sewed around the shoulder pieces and name patch for good measure (don't want them peeling off while racing around the Top Gear track).  If wanting to make a Baby Stigette, you could always use a pink sweatshirt, or something else that is über girlie.

4.  Crochet the Baby Stig "Helmet":

No, this is not an approved helmet that will protect your Baby Stig's little noggin (read: this is not meant to be warn as a protective helmet, though it may keep their ears warm on a chilly Halloween night!)  Instead, it is a beanie hat with an added strap and visor.

If you'd like to use my Baby Race Car Driver Crochet Hat pattern, you can purchase it through my Etsy Shop, Tugboat Yarning, here!

5.  Dress Baby in Gear:

This is harder than it looks, but all it takes is patience and a little finagling, and you've got your very own Baby Stig!

Got any fun costumes you've thrown together?  Or remember any goofy ones your parents put together for you when you were a kid?  Share below in the costumes!

~ M (aka Mini Stig's Mom)

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