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Friday, March 16, 2012

Baptism Promises

I've posted previously about how I am a natural Bawler.  A week ago was no different from my usual bawler-ness watching my son getting baptized.

Quincy, Pastor Lynn, Bawler Maggie, Proud Brad

For Quincy, it may feel like a brush of cool water across his forehead, but for me it was a huge promise.  A promise to love him and show him who God is and how he should lead his life for Him.  I'll admit, I've never posted about my faith before because I tend to shy away from talking about it in public settings.  This is by no means a soap box to preach the gospel to you, but just something I wanted to post from the heart.

Baptismal Font

I think with your first child you try to make sure everything is done right - make sure they eat perfectly, have every last bit of clothing they could ever need, use all the cool gadgets and toys out there.  For me, this promise to Quincy will be just as important for any siblings to follow him.

For those of you that are of the praying kind, please lift up Quincy, that he may grow in his faith and come to know God and seek out ways to live a life loving others.  Please also lift up his parents, that Brad and I can guide him in his faith and be good examples for him to follow.

It was a family affair, with Quincy's cousin, Beckett, getting baptized too!

Maggie, Quincy, Brad, Jeremy, Beckett, Emerson, & Annie
Grandpa Mark, Grandma Kate & Auntie Min
Grandpa Haveman, Maggie, Quincy & Brad

A special thanks goes out to my brother, Graham, for taking such great photos.  We were also blessed to have lots of family in town to celebrate with us, family out of town that kept us in their thoughts and prayers, as well as a church family that has always been supportive and loving.

Love and God's blessing to you all,


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