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We've Moved!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 20: Your belly is now the size of a major landmark?

We took a road trip down to Springfield, IL (the home of Abraham Lincoln, as we became acutely aware) last weekend for my cousin's wedding reception. It was great to see extended family that lives out of state and we rarely have the opportunity to see. We are so happy for my cousin and his new bride, wishing them the best in their new life together!

At our hotel (creatively named the Abraham Lincoln Hotel), they had a chair appropriate for ol' Abe himself.
I imagine that the authority I need as a father will come easily if I routinely sit in a chair such as this

Early Sunday morning we made the spontaneous decision to head south rather than the assumed north. I hadn't ever seen "The Gateway to the West" in St. Louis, so I figured why not?

Maggie and I have been frequently discussing the "fruit size" that our baby is each week, but this trip got me thinking: why don't people mark the progression of their pregnancies by what national landmark they resemble in shape?
Week 20: St. Louis Arch-Belly

We had a great time in St. Louis.
Excuse the sweatiness - it was nearly 100deg

Only 1 day left to vote on the boy-girl topic. Make your voice heard! We'll let you know the winner in a couple days...

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