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We've Moved!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Year Dateaversary & Brad's Birthday Weekend

As things seem to happen in the summer time, we've gotten a bit busy in the past few weeks.  Weddings of close friends and family, work, and all those little things in between.

This past weekend is a blog-worthy kind of weekend.  We celebrated Brad's birthday, and it's only fitting that we post about the awesome food we ate.

As a pre-celebration to Brad's birthday, we went out for "drinks" at Butch's to celebrate our 10 Year Dateaversary (10 years from when we first began dating).  Butch's has a great selection of wines, beer, and - my current favorite - mixed drinks.  This is what's call The Preggers; a non-alcoholic blend of fruit juices to make you feel like you have a grown-up drink, without the lasting affects it could have on an unborn child.  It was delicious.

Skipping ahead to Saturday night,

we celebrated Brad's Birthday Eve with dinner at Salt of the Earth.  If you love incredible dishes that only use fresh, local ingredients, then this is your new favorite restaurant. Brad had a scrumptious roasted half chicken and a glass of local Pinot Grigio out of Leelanau Peninsula:

I had the pierogies.  And not to diss my dad's home-cooked pierogies (Papa - the squash ones are still number one on my Pierogi List), these were the most amazing pierogies I have ever eaten.  Simply delightful.

We polished off the meal with a latte (Brad) and a decaf cappuccino (me), and it couldn't have been a better meal.

Sunday after church, we decided to head to the beach before summer faded away.  Ice cream and hanging out in the sun for a bit was just the ticket.  Despite it being Brad's birthday, I still had him do a little bit of father-to-be help.  It seems when you are pregnant, there is a large growing mass in your abdomen that prevents you from laying on your stomach.  Problem solved, thanks to a great idea from a friend!  Brad dug a hole in the sand, spread my towel on top, and viola!  It's as if there were no belly at all...

 But, on second glance it still seems to be there, getting bigger by the week:

Happy 10 years to the love of my life, and happy happy birthday!  Here's to the next 10 years, and the adventures they will bring!



  1. You guys were made for each other! So cute!!!!!!

  2. Ummm... where's the pic from 10 years ago?? Unless one of those is it, because certainly you two haven't changed a bit. ;-)

  3. Ohhh Miss Maggie! You and Brad individually are delightful people. Together you are incredible and amazing!
    It is wonderful that you two have know and loved each other for 10 years.
    Your baby bump is the cutest ever! Enjoy it to the fullest it only gets better from here. Children enhance everything in life!