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Monday, August 27, 2012

My First Pinterest Party

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Though its reputation has been heavily promoted by DIY'ers, recipe hunters, and quote enthusiasts, its purpose is to better organize things you like on the World Wide Web.  Think of it as a digital cork board that you can "pin" something found on the internet to review later.

Needless to say, I've spent my share of time browsing Pinterest for ideas and fun things to do, and a friend had come up with the idea of having a party in order to work on some of the ideas found through Pinterest.  I know there are plenty of Pinners out there that have found countless ideas, and this was a way to bring some of those to fruition.  Quite exciting stuff!

I even repurposed a Pinterest logo for the event!  Super corny and ridiculous, right?  That was my aim.

Original Image Courtesy of Google Images,
Added (Dorky) Features Courtesy of Maggie H-G

I invited some of my favorite gals, put Quincy to bed, and we set to work on our various projects... and of course made sure to eat some tasty treats!

Here is what my cool friends made and/or worked on...

Jamie - Crocheted Booties

Megan - Cross Stitch 

Kristin - Birthday Onsie, Hat, and Fingerprint Craft - Balloon Theme!

Nicky - Pennant/Flag Decorations for Baby J.'s Room

Ashley - Treasure Chest to use as a Prize Box for her Students

And, here is what I made... (see if you can guess which photo is my favorite, hehe):

Apple Butter {pin it here}

Lime Sherbet Punch {pin it here}

Homemade Mod Podge, or as I like to call it, Magg Podge,
which notably smells like green salsa (despite washing
the jar with super hot water and tons of soap... hmmmm)
{pin it here}

Phone Charger Caddy {pin it here}

Bandana Apron {pin it here}
(uh, best prop for the photo, right?)

Like the idea of throwing a Pinterest Party?  Feel free to pin it for later use!  

My plea is that you were pleasantly pleased after peeking at this post, and found it most pinteresting!

Party on, Pinners!


*My apologies, though I'm not sure which was worse: the excessive alliteration or the terrible pun.

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