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We've Moved!
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Perspectives (One Month After Everything Changed)

Here we are: one month from when I first went into labor.  (If you missed Quincy's introduction that Brad posted, check it out here).  There are times I've held Quincy and said out loud to myself, "I have a baby!  This baby is mine!", because I still can't believe it.

4 Weeks Old

I debated for a long time whether I should post the Birth Story.  I've found I am a very private person in certain instances, though I am very proud of how the labor and birth went.  This blog is public for anyone to read, and I still want to keep a small corner of my life private.  So, here is my compromise: I won't be posting the full story here, but if anyone would like to know the full details, meet me for coffee and I'll tell you anything you'd like to know.  (Especially for new moms - I have some really great friends that shared their stories, and it was so helpful for me in preparing for the birth.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you'd like to know more!)

The condensed version is: 12 hours from start to finish, unmedicated, and Brad was an amazing coach.  I couldn't have made it through without him.

The Final Belly at the Start of Contractions

For parents-to-be or those just curious about labor and birth and the weeks following, here are a few insights from my experience:

Contractions and labor are painful, but as some great friends of mine described it, it's better to be in the mindset that it's hard work instead of pain.  You aren't in the hospital due to an injury or illness; your body is supposed to go through these difficult (but rewarding) phases.  Plus, once the baby arrives, you are in total euphoria, and couldn't care less what happened in the previous hours.

Minutes After Quincy's Arrival (First Photos!)

Visualizing is really helpful.  Did you know that 10 centimeters is the length of an iPhone from the top of the phone, down to the button?  Weird example?  Yes.  But it was helpful all the same.

10 Centimeters

Newborn clothing is tiny.

Maggie's Pants vs. Quincy's Pants

You will find as a new mother (or father), that you become highly skilled at doing things one-handed, learn to pick things up with your feet, and adjust to operating at the demands of a very small person.  They rule your life, but in a good way.  New accessories are just a bonus.

My New Index Finger Ring

A lot has transpired over the last month, but we couldn't be happier with our little dude.  God sure has blessed us.

Oh, and Quincy says hey.



  1. Congratulations!! Childbirth really is amazing, isn't it. It really is true about what they say...you will forget about the pain.